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How to maintain the used plastic shredder machine

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No matter what kind of machine needs to be properly maintained after use, it is to achieve the best working condition in the next use. Especially for plastic shredders, because the working environment itself is very bad, it is easy to have different degrees of wear during the work process, so it is very important to do the maintenance work after use.
Plastic shredders are in a harsh working environment all the year round, so sometimes there are different levels of failures, some of which are not obvious enough, but they are all minor faults and can be easily solved. If you do not observe it carefully, it is difficult to find out the existence of these glitch. If you continue for a long time, it will inevitably cause serious damage to the shredder, which will waste time, money and energy, and also delay production, efficiency and output. If abnormal noise is found in the equipment during use, it is necessary to check whether the shaft of the equipment cavity is damaged. If not, it means that the butter on the shaft is too small, causing the friction between the shaft and the gear to increase, causing abnormal noise. This kind of glitch needs to be found and solved in time to avoid the big problem. It is necessary to regularly add butter to the shaft to prevent the shaft from being damaged due to poor lubrication. If the problem of poor efficiency of the plastic shredder crushing material is found in the production process, it should be stopped immediately. This situation is likely to be caused by the long-term crushing of the harder material and the gap between the cutters in the inner cavity of the equipment. This type of failure is also a normal loss phenomenon. As long as the cutter head is not worn, there is no need to replace it. Just adjust the gap between the blades.
By doing the above, the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced, the risk of downtime can be reduced, and more time and profit can be obtained for the enterprise.

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