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Ore Raymond mill use and scope of application
Applicable materials: all kinds of ores, such as iron ore, granite, basalt, potassium feldspar, calcite, marble, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, medical stone, LvFanShi, iron oxide red, ceramics, glass and other Morse in humidity below 6% below level 7 more than 280 kinds of materials such as processing and other fields.
Mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, refractory materials, cement, fertilizer and other fields.
What is the grinding process of ore Raymond mill?
What are the main types of powder equipment used for ore grinding powder
The working principle of ore Raymond mill
Ore Raymond mill is also called high pressure suspension roller mill (overpressure mill) is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores chemical raw materials and other non-metallic materials of flour processing, such as: iron ore, coal stone, blast furnace slag water injection coal, power plant desulfurization agent, boiler, lime, feldspar, quartz, gypsum, barite, limestone, ceramic, slag, such as mohs hardness is not more than 9.3 on the Richter scale, humidity below 6% of inflammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industries such as more than 280 kinds of materials of high fine milling processing, the finished product granularity range of 80-425 mesh adjustment (the 1000 mesh). The new type T130, T145 and T175 Raymond mill are more than 30% higher than their counterparts in the same model. The T130 type is 6-10 tons, and the T145 is 8-15 tons and the T175 is 15-22 tons.
The ore Raymond mill mainly consists of main engine, fineness analyzer, blower, product cyclone dust collector, cloth bag dust collector and connecting duct. According to user needs, it can also be equipped with crusher, elevator, storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electrical control cabinet, etc., to better provide service to users. In host, roller components through the cross arm shaft mounted on the roller hanger, roller hanger and spindle and shovel head fixed contact, pressure spring outside the roller bearing chamber of the cantilever end face, cross arm shaft as the fulcrum force grinding roll tightly pressed on the inside of ring round surface, when the motor through the gear drive shaft rotation, perfectly on the shovel head the shovel and roller synchronous rotation, roller in the inside of ring rolling round rotation at the same time. The motor drives the analyzer impeller by driving device, the higher the rotating speed of the impeller, the thinner the powder.
Ore Raymond mill technical parameters
Properties and features of Raymond mill of ore:
1. The ore Raymond mill is increased by 10-20% under the same dynamic conditions as other grinders, and the grinding pressure of the roller is increased by 800-1200kg under high pressure spring.
2. The mineral materials with less than 9.3 degree of hardness can be machined and crushed.
3. The grain size range of the finished product is wide, the diameter of the particle diameter can reach 0.613mm (30 eyes), the particle diameter can reach 0.033mm (425 eyes), and the smallest material can reach 0.013mm (1000 eyes).
4. The dust removal effect of ore Raymond mill completely meets the national dust emission standard.
5. It is convenient to adjust the analyzer.
6. The grinding device of the ore Raymond mill adopts the superimposed multi-stage seal and the sealing performance is good.
Technical parameters of ore Raymond mill:
型号 磨环内径 磨辊直径、高度 进料粒度(mm 成品粒度(mm 处理能力(T/h 主机电机(kw 风机电机(kw 重量
3R1510 Φ500 Φ150X100 15 0.2-0.044 0.4-1.2 7.5 Y132sz-5.5 2.2
YGM75 Φ780 Φ260X150 20 0.2-0.044 0.8-2.8 18.5 Y180m-4-15 4.2
YGM85 Φ830 Φ270X150 20 0.2-0.044 0.9-3.5 22 Y180m-4-18.5 4.8
4R3016 Φ910 Φ300X160 25 0.2-0.044 1.5-4 30 Y180m-4-22 6.5
YGM Φ910 Φ300X180 20 0.2-0.044 1.5-5 37 Y180m-4-30 8.5
4R3216 Φ970 Φ320X200 25 0.2-0.044 2.5-6 37 Y180m-4-37 15
T130 Φ1300 Φ410X210 30 1.6-0.045 6月10日 90 Y280s-4-90 32.1
T145 Φ1450 Φ410*260 30 1.6-0.045 8月15日 110 Y280s-4-110 38
T175 Φ1750 Φ440X270 35 1.6-0.045 15-22 132 132 50

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