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Plaster Raymond mill

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Brief introduction of Plaster Raymond mill powder machine
Gypsum is an important building material. The gypsum powder produced by gypsum production is the raw material for building materials market. Gypsum production shows that gypsum powder needs to be broken, grinding and forging three processes, of which gypsum grinding is an important factor restricting the development of gypsum powder industry, which is caused by the characteristics of gypsum. In the process of grinding, gypsum will break down water and easily be bonded to the surface of the grinding parts or equipment, which causes the failure of production equipment and the difficulty of equipment maintenance, so that the output of the powder is difficult to be improved. To this end, designers and manufacturers have been looking for suitable grinding equipment.
In recent years, the application of Plaster Raymond mill powder machine, designed and developed exclusively by Henan Red Star machine manufacturer, shows that it has successfully solved the technical problem in plaster grinding, and made the output increase by more than 20%~50% without increasing the investment of equipment. The machine can basically meet the production needs of domestic medium and small gypsum enterprises. With the development of its large units, the plaster grinding equipment can basically be made domestically.
Characteristics of Plaster Raymond mill pulverized machine
1. The structure is simple
The working part is composed of a rotary grinding roller and a grinding roller, with bearings and precision parts inside. The wearing parts are cast with high chromium cast iron and manganese steel, the working parts are wear resistant, the repair workload is very small, and the replacement parts are also very convenient.
2. Easy to install
It is composed of main engine, separator, fan, cyclone separator and small cyclone dust collector, each of which has an integral rack, which is easy to install.
3.the noise is small
Relative vibration mill and pendulum mill, Plaster Raymond mill pulverizer has little noise at work, and the machine runs smoothly. The equipment is used in a factory. The machine is not fixed. It has been used for more than 2 years and runs normally.
4. less dust
The machine is controlled by the exhaust volume, maintains the micro negative pressure of the feeding port, and the exhaust volume is 2000~3000m /h. Because of the dual cyclone dust collector, the dust content is less, and the single machine bag type dust collector can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
5. The size of the feeding block is large
The bulk of the feed gypsum stone can reach 50~80mm, and the feeding block of the pendulum pulverizer is only 3~5mm. Compared with the pendulum mill, the intermediate link of two stages can be saved.
Working principle of Plaster Raymond mill pulverized machine
The basic working principle of Plaster Raymond mill pulverizing machine: feed the material from the side entrance of the machine, fall on the high speed rotating disc, get the high centrifugal force by the impact grinding of the roller, and throw it back into the rotating disc and throw it back into the rotating disk, and then it is pulverized, and the parts of the crushed material rotate at high speed at the same time. A suspension column is formed, and the material is smashed in the reciprocating and circumferential Cross movement. In addition, some material falls into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring and is crushed by the extrusion. The airflow blows the crushed material into the pulverizing machine, and enters two cyclone separators to get the finished material; the upper exhaust is introduced to the fan for recycling, and the small part of the gas is discharged through the small cyclone collector.
Plaster Raymond mill

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