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Common troubles and maintenance methods of Raymond Mill

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Raymond mill and ball mill is an abrasive material equipment, but it is mainly used for sand production line, because the Raymond mill without crushing machine, you can directly deal with raw materials, simplify the production process, and Raymond mill grinding material in size span is relatively large, and the minimum particle size ratio the ball mill is small, so it is widely used in the production process. Then, Raymond Mill in the production process will have what problems, what is his maintenance method, and then we introduce a number of common problems dealt with.
raymond mill
1, Raymond flour mill, no powder or powder production less
Causes and solutions: (1) the powder locking is not sealed tightly, the lock for sealing powder can be good; (2) the blade wear serious, this time to replace the blade.
2, Raymond Mill powder is too small or too thick

pare Part of Raymond Mill
Reasons and solutions: (1) excessive powder, it is generally because the classifier leaves serious wear or fan air flow is too small. Reducing the air intake of fans or replacing new blades can solve the problem of excessive milling of Raymond mill. (2) a meticulous, usually because of the air flow of the fan or too small, to improve the air flow of the fan air volume can be solved.
3 、 the main current rises, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current drops
Reasons and solutions: (1) feed speed too fast. Reduce the feed quantity, clear the air duct opening powder or open the big air pipe valve, the temperature of the feed port is controlled below 6 degrees.
Raymond flour mill structure diagram
4: Raymond mill host noise, and vibration of the fierce.
Causes and solutions: (1) the feed is too small, we need to adjust the feed rate; (2) the blade wear, the blade can replace Raymond mill; (3) no grounding screw fasteners. Fixed anchor. (4) raw material is excellent or too big, replace raw material. (5) the deformation of the grinding ring of Raymond mill is serious, and the grinding roll and grinding ring are replaced.
5, Raymond mill fan vibration shock
Reasons and solutions: (1) Raymond Mill leaves too much powder, or wear uneven. Solution: clean up the blade on the blade or replace the blade; (2) the ground screw is loose. Tighten the anchor bolts with a wrench.
6, the fuel tank and transmission heating
Reasons and solutions: (1) the viscosity of the oil is too thick, check whether the viscosity of the oil meets the requirements; (2) analysis of the machine to the wrong direction, adjust the direction of the analysis machine.
7, Raymond mill roller mill device, into the powder bearings damaged
Reasons and solutions: A, may be bearing lack of oil, or sealing ring damage. Check regularly and refuel.
The above is the Raymond Mill in operation often appear problems and emergency measures, hope to be helpful to you, if you still have the problem has not been solved, you can contact Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery Co.,Led . tel:0086-371-67666667

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