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Sand and gravel separator equipment

Sand and gravel separator equipment

Sand and gravel separator equipment

Sand and gravel separator equipment

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Product introduction

Sand and gravel separator equipment is also called sediment separators, butterfly screens, etc., which are mainly used for separating soil and rock from gravel yards, separating light materials and other impurities in construction waste, and separating plastic silt from domestic waste.

Working principle

The sand and gravel separator equipment is mainly composed of the cooperation of the leaf disc and the shaft. Through the rotation of the shaft, the materials to be sorted can be broken up and screened, and the force and the shape of the leaf disc are matched at the same time for circulation and transportation. Through continuous movement, the wetness can be removed. Clay is separated from stone in materials that are difficult to separate and clean.Arrange the two rollers side by side to get the best cleaning effect, because when the material falls to the next height, it will flip once, and the two materials can also be separated here.

Sand and gravel separator equipment can be customized according to the feeding and installation conditions, and can be made into different lengths, widths, gaps, etc. A roller screen can be made into two forms of 8-axis and 7-axis. The first roller can subpide the granular prawns (such as 0-60mm), and the second roller can perform rough processing (such as 0-120 mm). ).

The sand and gravel separator equipment is made of special steel. According to the different materials to be screened, the thickness ranges from 10mm to 30mm, and the classification range is 40 to 150mm. According to the different processing capacity, the power ranges from 15 kW to 90kw, the number of rollers is 5-18, and the width ranges from 1000 to 2500mm.


1. Separate and clean materials through continuous movement;

2. Used for primary crushing and pre-screening;

3. Optimize cleaning through the graded series connection of two rollers;

4. Different length, width and gap width can be made;

5. The length of the customized roller is from 100mm to 180mm;

6. Equipped with blisks of different specifications made of high wear-resistant special steel;

7. Add a cleaning device under the roller shaft as needed to prevent the shaft from agglomeration and blockage;

8. The bearing seat and the steel frame are connected by screws;

9. Driven by standard motor + V-belt drive + chain + elastic coupling;

10. The drive unit has an independent console.

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