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How to solve the marble Raymond mill current suddenly increa

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Marble Raymond mill host current increases, engine temperature rises, the fan is the main reason of the current decline in: feed, excessive air duct was powder jam, exhaust pipe, circulation air heating make host current machine high temperature, fan current decline.
1) replacement of new products
2) replace the new leaf blade and properly turn the fan into the air volume
3) reduce the speed of the analyzer and increase the air intake of the fan
Marble Raymond mill does not produce powder, the powder is small, the inlet mouth is spraying powder, the main reason that the wind tunnel is produced is: 1) the seal is not strict
2) the lock powder is not tightly sealed, resulting in the suction wind
3) improper adjustment of air volume
4) uneven feeding
Troubleshoot: 1) strictly seal the reference installation requirements
2) check the lock powder, and do not have an inverted suction
3) it is advisable to open the wind door to 3/4. It is advisable not to spray powder, but not too large
4) watch the current meter, and when there is no current meter, only the sound of the material will be heard
Marble Raymond mill adjustment: air volume control valve located in the inlet pipe of the fan, generally open to the maximum position, according to the fineness, yield and requirements of appropriate adjustment. Located in export exhaust gas regulating valve, transferred to the incoming outlets no dust spewed, small volume, high fineness, but should pay attention to, air volume is too small, the host at the bottom of the duct in easy to precipitate material, appropriate adjustments, please.
Marble Raymond grinding fineness regulation, according to the size of the material, hardness and softness, water content, specific gravity, processing the thickness is different, can be adjusted at the top of the analyzer, high speed, high fineness, low speed, low fineness. Improve the fineness, the output will be reduced accordingly, and if the demand is not reached, the fan speed should be adjusted, and the user can be flexible.
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