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How to improve the production efficiency of Raymond mill

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Raymond mill is widely used in grinding industry. So how to improve the efficiency of Raymond mill?
1、 Adopt closed-circuit grinding process
The reasonable grinding process should be that once the ore particles are grinded to the monomer separation, they should be quickly discharged from the grinding machine. On the one hand, it can avoid over grinding, on the other hand, it can make grinding medium (such as steel ball) completely act on coarse ore particles, so that energy can do useful work to the maximum extent. But it is very difficult to carry out the material size classification in the existing grinding machine. Therefore, it is necessary to use the classifier or fine screen to separate the qualified particle size of the grinding products, and return the coarse particles to the grinding machine for regrinding. It can be seen that in the closed-circuit grinding, the ore feeding of the grinding machine is new ore feeding and returning sand, so the speed of the material passing through the grinding machine will be accelerated when there are many materials passing through the grinding machine. The grinding time is short. In the closed-circuit grinding, it is necessary to force the unqualified coarse particles to pass through the grinding machine repeatedly until they are qualified. Secondly, in the closed-circuit grinding, because a large amount of coarse sand is fed into the grinding machine, the coarse-grained content in the feed increases. According to the principle of grinding dynamics. At this time, the energy is used as much as possible, so the grinding speed is accelerated and the productivity of the pulverizer is increased. In addition, due to the existence of proper amount of returned sand, it can eliminate the fluctuation of the new ore feeding of the grinding machine and the impact on the product granularity.
It can be seen that closed-circuit grinding can effectively avoid over grinding and "coarse running" phenomenon. It can make grinding operation obtain uniform and coarser narrow grade products on the premise of ensuring qualified particle size, which is beneficial to the next step of separation operation.
2、 Using different kinds of Raymond roller mill
The production practice has proved that the Raymond mill with peripheral discharge can reduce over grinding. Especially for brittle minerals. Because of the fast discharging speed of these grinders, the large density ore particles sunk in the bottom of pulp are easy to be discharged, and the parallel long steel rod is used as the grinding medium in the rod mill, so the over grinding phenomenon can be reduced. In addition, due to the shallow pulp surface of these grinders. Pulp has little buffering effect on grinding medium. So that the grinding medium can fully play the role of crushing, so the production capacity of these Raymond mills is larger.
In the selection of classification equipment, the use of fine screen and Raymond mill closed circuit, or pre classification has certain advantages. When using fine screen as classification equipment. It can strictly control the particle size of the grinding machine, so that the particle size can not be discharged, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of "coarse running". Secondly, the screening efficiency of the sieve is high, about 80-90%, while the spiral classifier and rake classifier usually have only 40-60% of the classification efficiency. This is easy to cause the qualified fine-grained into the grinding again, resulting in the phenomenon of over grinding.
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