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How about the output of dolomite Raymond Mill

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The mesh number of dolomite Raymond Mill in processing dolomite mill can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the mesh number is very fine. How about the output of dolomite Raymond mill? The answer is as follows:
First of all, when using the traditional Raymond mill, it is found that there is a large amount of 10um ultra-fine ore powder in 325 mesh ore powder of Raymond mill when processing calcite ore powder. If it can be separated and the output can be expanded, the benefit will be greatly improved. For this reason, the structure of Raymond mill has been renovated a lot: the output of Raymond mill is 1.5 times higher than that of traditional mill.
In particular, Shuguang heavy machinery factory carried out re optimization in the dolomite Raymond mill, the working efficiency and output of the dolomite Raymond mill have been greatly improved, and the structure of the grinding roller has been updated, so that the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft can complement each other. At the same time of rotation, it can also be transferred to the public. Make it more effective and durable. And can work under the greater grinding force and higher running speed.
Finally, different from other grinding equipment, the traditional way of the main machine is improved. The main shaft and the quincunx frame are transformed to be stable in structure, so that they can run stably, thus enhancing the stability and durability of their work. In the grinding area, the materials to be grinded are always gathered in the grinding area for effective processing, which improves the grinding efficiency and greatly improves the output.
As a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, Shuguang Heavy Machinery sells a variety of different types of mill equipment, including ball mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, etc.Welcome to contact us for more details.
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