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Maintenance of dolomite Raymond Mill

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Do a good job in the maintenance of the dolomite Raymond mill, can better play the performance of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, therefore, the routine maintenance of the dolomite Raymond mill is very important.
1. Before the official start-up of the dolomite Raymond mill, it is necessary to strictly check the tightness of each bolt, so as to avoid loosening in the operation process, resulting in equipment failure.
2. Although the automation level of this equipment is very high, no manual operation is required, but professional technical personnel are still needed to monitor the milling condition and operation of dolomite Raymond mill, so as to deal with the abnormalities in time and avoid accidents.
3. As an important working part of dolomite Raymond mill, the grinding roller and other devices are easy to wear or damage during operation, so it is necessary to replace and repair them in time. In addition, necessary cleaning and lubrication shall be carried out for the bearing parts in the roller sleeve.
4. It is necessary to regularly carry out reasonable lubrication and maintenance for each lubricating point of the equipment, and always maintain sufficient supply of lubricating grease.
5. Before the dolomite Raymond mill is shut down, the equipment feeding shall be stopped first, and the dolomite material in the standby body can be shut down only after it is completely ground.
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