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Analysis on the fracture of dolomite Raymond mill roller shaft

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Recently, a user's dolomite Raymond mill's grinding roller shaft was broken,he asked whether is the grinding roller shaft used too thin and easy to break? In fact, the grinding roller shaft of dolomite Raymond mill, whether it is thin or thick, will not break under normal conditions. Then the following specific analysis of the reasons for the fracture of the lower Raymond grinding roller shaft.
There are several reasons for the fracture of the grinding roller shaft. First, the grinding roller can't work normally, which breaks the grinding roller shaft. Second, when replacing the grinding roller, check whether the installation of the grinding roller assembly is qualified to maintain the balanced operation of the quincunx frame. If the quincunx frame is unbalanced during operation, the quincunx frame is easy to deform and the grinding roller shaft is easy to break. According to these two points, friends can carefully analyze, find out the problem, reduce the daily abnormal operation, and make the life of dolomite Raymond mill parts longer.
Dolomite Raymond mill is a kind of grinding roller, under the action of centrifugal force, rolls the grinding ring to crush the materials, and then through the air selection of fans and analyzers, the materials that reach the fineness enter into the powder collector, and the materials that do not reach the fineness continue to grind in the working chamber. For the materials processed by dolomite Raymond mill, the feed particle size shall be controlled below 5cm as much as possible, so as to reduce the wear of large materials on the grinding roller and ring and prolong the service life of accessories. During the normal production of dolomite Raymond mill, the feeding must be uniform, not too slow or too fast. The main engine working chamber makes a lot of noise when the feeding speed is too slow, which will cause equipment blockage and seriously damage the blade.
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