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How often does the roller of vertical roller mill need to be replaced

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Today is mainly to explain how often the grinding roller in the vertical roller mill needs to be replaced. The grinding roller is one of the vulnerable parts in the grinding equipment, because when processing materials, when working, the main motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the reducer, at the same time, the hot air enters into the vertical roller mill from the air inlet, and the materials fall in the middle of the grinding plate from the discharge port. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the materials Moving from the middle of the grinding plate to the edge evenly, when passing through the grinding roller table area on the grinding plate, the large materials are crushed directly by the grinding roller, and the fine materials are crushed to form a material bed for inter particle comminution. Therefore, the wear of the grinding roller is relatively common, so how often does it need to be replaced?
First of all, we need to see what materials are used to make the grinding roller in the vertical roller mill. Good materials can extend the service life of the grinding roller. When processing materials, friction cannot be avoided. After a long time, the grinding roller will gradually thin. Therefore, generally speaking, the grinding roller needs to be replaced in time after the service time reaches 500 hours. If the replacement is not found in time, the grinding roller may be severely worn, leading to deformation, and the particle size of the grinding roller may be unqualified.
Therefore, in our daily production, we should regularly check the accessories in the vertical roller mill. If it is found that the vulnerable parts are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time, not only the grinding roller, but also the wearing of other vulnerable parts such as anchor nut, blade, bearing, etc., and deal with the problems in time.
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