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Tips for maintaining vertical roller mill when it is not working

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At the grinding site, we can see that the vertical roller mill equipment has been grinding continuously. When there is no one on the site, or when the production line stops running, long-term idling is more likely to cause problems. So, the problem is, do you know how to maintain the machine when it is idle?
Machines are all independent individuals, in order to make them play a greater benefit, we must use them according to their rules, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine, do not think that maintenance is a waste of time, these tips must be learned.
1. The idle vertical roller mill machine must be placed in a ventilated and dry room to prevent some parts of the machine from aging due to moisture.
2. Most of the parts of the vertical roller mill are made of iron and steel, so rust prevention is the top priority. The paint falling off the outside needs to be repaired. Some of the internal grinding roller, grinding ring, blade and other accessories need to be coated with butter to ensure their quality, so that the operation will not be hindered during use.
3. When it is necessary to use the pulverizer, it is necessary to check and clean it again, drain the cooling water in the engine, change the engine oil of the generator, fill up the oil tank to prevent it from rusting, and pay more attention to the operation sequence when opening the equipment to avoid problems caused by not using the equipment for a long time.
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