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How much space does it take to install a 4R Raymond mill

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How much space does the installation of 4R Raymond Mill need? The area is one of the important factors for users to consider when purchasing machines, because not all the factory buildings are large enough. If the Raymond mills are purchased at a high price, and the site is too small to install, there will be a lot of troubles. The 4R Raymond mill is the most commonly used model, with sufficient output and low price. It belongs to medium-sized grinding equipment, and the area is not large,which is about 50 square meters.
There are many types of Raymond mill, such as 3R1510, 3R2715, 4R3216, 5R4121, etc. the overall dimensions of each type of Raymond mill host are different. The area of the Raymond mill production line installation is based on a certain mill model, plus the area of other supporting equipment. It should be emphasized that each model has a specified supporting equipment model, and the length and height of the pipeline. There are clear regulations on the degree, and it is not recommended to modify at will. Previously, there were also customers who could dredge the size of the pipeline due to the small factory building, resulting in problems such as powder back suction, dust increase in the return air pipe, and low output. The overall dimension of the 4r3216 Raymond mill is 7.1x5.9x7.9m, i.e. the length of the mill is 4.1m, the width is 5.9m, and the height is 7.9m. The area is determined according to the length and the width. The height of the workshop is determined according to the highest point of the grinding equipment. The 7.9m here is only the height of the main machine of the mill. There is also a need to install a transmission pipeline on it and reserve space for maintenance devices. Therefore, the workshop height needs to be higher.
The main function of the pipeline is to transport and collect the powder. When the air volume is fixed, the longer the pipeline is, the lower the output will be. Otherwise, the higher the output will be. Therefore, the better the length of the conveying pipeline will be calculated according to the Raymond mill model and the size of the motor. There is a key point to be emphasized here that the length of cyclone powder collector cannot be changed. The powder collector is the only powder collector. Under the action of gravity, the powder is separated from the wind. If the pipe of the powder collector becomes shorter and the amount of powder collection is limited, when the return air pipe in the finished product is close, there will be the problem of powder reflux and low output. Therefore, at the beginning of model selection, the installation size of the pulverizer covers a customized area.
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