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What to do when the low output of vertical roller mill

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Vertical roller mill is widely used in the field of industrial pulverizing. After years of development and improvement, vertical roller mill is also constantly updated and is still the main force in the field of pulverizing.
In the production process, if the following common faults are encountered, troubleshooting can be carried out to avoid affecting the normal production.
Fault 1: no powder or low output
Fault causes: 
(1) the powder locking device is not adjusted properly and the seal is not tight, which causes the powder to be inverted.
(2) The blade is too worn to lift.
(1) check and adjust the seal of powder locking device, and if air leakage is found, blade shall be used.
(2) Replace the blade with a new one.
Fault 2: the finished powder is too thick or too thin
Causes of failure: 
(1) the blades of the analyzer are seriously worn and do not play the role of classification.
(2) Improper air volume of fan.
(1) change the length of the blade and turn down the air intake of the fan to solve the problem of coarseness.
(2) If it is too fine, the air volume at the inlet shall be increased.
Fault 3: the current of the main engine rises and the current of the fan drops.
Causes of failure: 
Excessive feeding, air duct blocked by powder, poor exhaust of pipeline, main current caused by heating of circulating air flow, rise of machine temperature and fall of fan current.
(1) reduce the feeding quantity and remove the dust in the air duct.
(2) Open the residual air pipe valve and control the temperature of the incoming material below 6 ℃.
Fault 4: the main engine is noisy and vibrates greatly.
Cause of failure: 
(1) small feed volume. The blade is severely worn, unable to lift materials, and the anchor bolts are loose.
(2) Material hard impact, or no material layer.
(3) The out of round deformation of the grinding ring of the grinding roller is serious.
(1) adjust the feeding quantity and replace the blade.
(2) Change feed size.
(3) Replace the grinding roller and ring.
Fault 5: Fan Vibration
Fault causes: 
(1) powder accumulation or uneven wear on the blades.
(2) Foundation bolts are loose.
(1) remove the powder or replace the blade.
(2) Tighten the foundation bolts.
Fault 6: heating of transmission device and analyzer oil tank
Fault reason: the oil viscosity is large and the oil thickness is thick, and the screw pump oil can't be put up to make the upper bearing lack oil.
(1) check whether the brand and viscosity of the engine oil meet the requirements.
(2) Check the running direction of the analyzer.
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