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Endurance of roller and ring of Raymond Mill

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Raymond mill grinding materials to achieve the grinding effect is mainly roller rolling and then air separation, in the processing of ore and other materials, the grinding roller and grinding ring will wear more severely.
When buying Raymond mill, some friends will ask you how long the roller and ring can be used. The length of time depends on the material characteristics and production time. Some friends who process bluestone work 8 hours a day and do not need to replace the roller and ring for three years. Some friends work 8 hours a day for bauxite processing, and need to replace the grinding roller and ring in one or two months. Even the grinding roller and ring made of wear-resistant material can not be used for a long time. This material has high toughness and is not easy to be powdered. The processing output is low. The sand iron property of the material is relatively strong, and the grinding roller and ring are relatively expensive. Therefore, processing different materials, operating different time, the service life of grinding roller is not certain.
At present, there are three kinds of alloy used in grinding roller and ring, manganese 13 and 65 manganese. The comprehensive properties are better. The wear resistance of manganese 13 is relatively good, but it is not suitable for processing some materials. The quality of 65 manganese is low. When purchasing grinding rollers and rings of different materials, users should choose the suitable ones according to the use conditions and the characteristics of their own materials. The better the material is, the higher the price will be.
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