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How much is 6R Raymond roller mill more expensive than 5R mill

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Raymond roller mill is a common milling equipment in mineral milling market. It is widely welcomed by users because of its wide application range, small volume, convenient operation and maintenance. 6R Raymond roller mill and 5R Raymond roller mill belong to large-scale Raymond mill equipment, and they are also the models of grinding equipment purchased by large-scale mineral milling enterprises. There are great differences between 6R Raymond roller mill and 5R Raymond roller mill in particle size, production capacity, central shaft speed, motor power, size of grinding roller and ring, and external dimension.
R stands for the grinding roller in the mill, 6R indicates that there are six grinding rolls, the machine model is larger and the output per shift is larger.
The whole set of Raymond roller mill production line is mainly composed of Raymond roller mill host, separator, blower, cyclone collector, vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, electric control and other equipment, which is an essential process flow in the field of various mineral milling. Many users will like to search the price of Raymond roller mill on the Internet. In fact, it is futile to use this method to obtain the price information of the equipment. Even if the price information of the equipment is found, it is quite different from the actual information of the equipment. Moreover, the price of the Raymond roller mill will be adjusted with the changes of the market. The price is timeliness, and the price information searched on the Internet The interest may have been a few years ago and is not of reference significance. The reason why manufacturers don't choose to quote online is very simple. Because there are many models of equipment and the price of each model is different, it is impossible to quote the price of each type of Raymond roller mill on the Internet.
The above-mentioned 6R Raymond roller mill and 5R Raymond roller mill have great differences in many parameters, as well as labor costs and production materials. Therefore, generally speaking, the price of 6R Raymond roller mill is tens of thousands of dollars higher than that of 5R Raymond roller mill, and specific manufacturers should be consulted, because different manufacturers will have different pricing standards.
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