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What are the causes of vertical roller mill motor heating

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Vertical roller mill is a common equipment for non-metallic ore processing. At present, it is mainly used for superfine powder processing of slag, cement, limestone, kaolin, potassium feldspar, iron slag, nickel slag, pyrophyllite, petroleum coke and other ores! With the continuous development of science and technology, manufacturers will not only care about the capacity of vertical roller mill, but also its power consumption and service life!
Because the vertical roller mill is usually working continuously for 24 hours, many customers will find that when the vertical roller mill runs for a certain period of time, the motor will start to heat up! Then, when the motor heating, how to deal with this phenomenon will affect the service life and performance of the mill?
1. Judge whether the inner bearing of vertical roller mill motor is normal by temperature and sound
It can be detected by knocking the bearing box by hand. If the sound is percussion, the ball may be crushed. If the sound is hissing, the bearing may be short of lubricating oil!
2. The motor of vertical roller mill is heated due to poor ventilation
This kind of situation usually occurs in summer. With the gradual increase of the temperature outside the plant, coupled with the inadequate ventilation effect, the internal environment continues to rise, eventually causing the vertical roller mill motor to heat up!
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