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How about the price of new energy saving Raymond mill

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The progress of science and technology drives the progress of mining industry and makes the performance of equipment more and more powerful. Raymond mill after more than 20 years of innovation and development, quality, performance and other aspects have been nearly perfect. However, the new energy-saving Raymond mill is another historic breakthrough of shuguang heavy machinery. Its performance is bigger and stronger, and more importantly, the energy-saving effect is better.
Pricing of new energy saving Raymond Mill
As an upgraded product of Raymond mill, customers are not only concerned about its new advantages, but also about its price. The Pricing Reference of new energy-saving Raymond mill is as follows:
1. The new energy-saving Raymond mill is an upgraded product of Raymond mill. The technology used in the casting process is more advanced. However, since the consumption of raw materials has not changed greatly, the price is not much higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill. The specific price should be determined according to the model number.
2. The new energy-saving Raymond mill is the continuation product of Raymond mill, so the sales market has been very transparent, and we can share customer resources with Raymond mill, which to a certain extent reduces the difficulty of developing market in the early stage of new equipment. Therefore, the price of new Raymond mill will not be much higher than that of traditional Raymond mill.
3. The biggest highlight of the new Raymond mill is energy saving, and the energy-saving equipment is the equipment that people want. From a small point of view, it is a kind of feedback to customers, with less investment to obtain greater income. From the big point of view, it is saving the country's resources. Therefore, the equipment is worth more manufacturers to own. Reasonable and low price can let more customers have the ability to invest in this new energy-saving equipment.
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