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Five factors affecting grinding fineness of mill

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Mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral products materials grinding processing. According to the fineness of the material to be ground and the fineness of the discharge material, the mill can be divided into Raymond mill, high-pressure micro powder mill, ultra-fine mill, three ring medium speed mill, etc. However, the grinding fineness of different mills is different. The following factors are briefly introduced.
1. Hardness of raw ore
Different ores have different hardness. This factor is fixed relative to the same ore and cannot be adjusted. However, in production, under the premise of beneficiation technology requirements, reasonable ore matching can be carried out to make the ore size uniform as far as possible, and the proportion of block and powder ore is reasonable and stable.
2. Main shaft lifting height of classifier
In general, normal production requires the main shaft of the classifier to be put in place. After equipment maintenance in some concentrators, due to the sand in the classifier is not cleaned up, the mud is more solid after a long time of sedimentation. When lowering the main shaft of the classifier, due to carelessness, the main shaft is not put down completely, resulting in less sand return than normal. In addition, if the spindle is not put down, it may be that the spindle has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so attention should be paid during the operation.
3. The blade of classifier is worn
After the blade is worn, the amount of return sand is reduced, resulting in the grinding fineness becoming coarser. In addition, if the blade is severely worn, the service life of the classifier will be affected. Therefore, the wear condition of the blade should be checked in time and the worn blade should be replaced in time. The speed of the mill, the speed of the classifier and the distance between the impellers of the classifier have been determined at the time of purchase. Please check and consult when purchasing.
4. Size adjustment of crushing screen
The technical workers must supervise the crushing system. If the particle size of the mill feeding ore changes in the production, it must be reflected to the crushing workshop immediately, and the finer the crushing particle size is, the better.
5. Height and size of classifier opening
In many concentrators, the size of the classifier opening is not adjusted properly in the equipment installation, and the workers do not pay attention to it in the operation process, which affects the grinding operation.
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