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Powder size of vertical roller mill

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There are many kinds of vertical roller mill powder size, according to different needs, there are many different models to choose, no matter what kind of particle size you want, it can be satisfied.
When the vertical roller mill works normally, the motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the reducer, and the material falls into the middle of the grinding plate from the feed port through the air lock feeder, and the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. With the rotation of the grinding plate, the material moves to the edge of the grinding plate under the action of centrifugal force. When passing through the annular groove on the grinding plate, it is crushed by the grinding roller. The crushed material is carried by the high-speed air flow of the air ring at the edge of the grinding plate, and the large particles directly fall onto the grinding plate for regrinding. When the material in the air flow passes through the upper separator, the coarse powder falls from the cone bucket under the action of the rotating rotor After regrinding, the qualified fine powder is discharged from the mill along with the airflow and collected by the dust collecting device. The material containing moisture is dried in the process of contacting with the hot air flow. By adjusting the hot air temperature, the material with different humidity can meet the requirements of materials with different humidity and achieve the required product water content. By adjusting the separator, the required thickness of different products can be achieved.
The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer. At the same time, the hot air enters the vertical roller mill from the air inlet. The material falls in the middle of the grinding plate through the feed port. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the middle of the grinding plate to the edge. When passing through the grinding roller area on the grinding plate, the large materials are directly crushed, and the fine materials are extruded into a material bed Intergranular comminution. The crushed material continues to move to the edge of the grinding plate until it is taken away by the strong air flow at the wind ring. Among the materials carried by the air flow, the larger particles fall onto the grinding plate again under the action of its own gravity, and the rest of the materials enter the fine dynamic separator with the air flow for powder classification. Under the action of the good dynamic separator blades, the materials that do not meet the requirements of fineness Return to the grinding plate for grinding, and the materials meeting the fineness requirements flow through the pipeline into the pulse dust collector for collection, and are discharged through the discharge device, which is the finished powder. When the iron block mixed with materials in the main machine moves to the edge of the grinding plate along with the material, it cannot be blown up by the wind due to its heavy weight. It falls into the lower chamber of the mill and is scraped into the slag discharge port by the scraper plate installed at the bottom of the grinding plate, and then it is discharged from the outside of the host machine.
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