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Profit and cost analysis of heavy calcium Raymond roller mill

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It is made of natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble and limestone. And the heavy calcium Raymond roller mill can also be called calcite powder Raymond roller mill. It is one of the special grinding equipment of the heavy calcium. It is developed by hundreds of properties of the heavy calcium. Get rid of the problems of low product rate, blockage and inequality of other milling equipment. The particle size of the product is 80-425 mesh and the fineness can reach 1000 mesh. For the milling industry to achieve considerable cost of revenue. The following is about the profit and cost analysis of heavy calcium Raymond roller mill.
Profit analysis
1. The wear resistance of heavy calcium Raymond grinding wear-resistant parts is small. The wear resistance of grinding roller and ring is greatly improved by increasing carbon content and reasonable heat treatment process under the condition of constant cost or even slight decrease. In the process of parts replacement, it saves a lot of parts purchase, which is one of the characteristics of high cost performance of equipment.
2. In the grinding area, the material to be grinded is always gathered in the grinding area for effective processing, which effectively improves the grinding efficiency of the equipment, that is to say, under the same working conditions, the grinding equipment of the same specification cannot reach. High output, improve the overall income of enterprises and individuals. Therefore, the result shows that the profit and cost of the heavy calcium Raymond roller mill is high, and it is a high cost performance grinding equipment.
Cost analysis
As we all know, the general pulverizing equipment is composed of main engine, analyzer, blower, cyclone separator, pipeline device and motor. The main engine is composed of frame, air inlet volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, cover and motor. Its accessories are complex and lock, which increases the cost of production, installation and debugging. But the heavy calcium Raymond roller mill is based on the previous mill equipment to optimize the design, take its advantages, discard the shortcomings. Its accessories are more intelligent, some complex lock accessories are integrated. It not only reduces the cost, but also saves the user's installation, debugging and future damage costs. In contrast, the cost of the heavy calcium Raymond roller mill is lower than that of other grinding equipment.
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