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Working principle of hydraulic system of vertical roller mill

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The main function of the hydraulic system in the vertical roller mill is to open and close the grinding roller. When the wear-resistant parts inside the grinding chamber of the mill are worn, the grinding roller on both sides of the mill can be shut down to replace the internal parts or repair. The hydraulic system of vertical roller mill includes hydraulic station, oil cylinder and hydraulic pipe connecting grinding roller and other parts.
Hydraulic system of vertical roller mill
The working principle of the hydraulic system of the vertical roller mill is as follows: the hydraulic device in the pulverizing equipment is mainly set for lifting and lowering the grinding roller. When the grinding roller is lifted, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder can enter the oil cylinder through the oil pump and switch valve for the second time. Because the pressure of the oil cylinder increases due to the addition of the hydraulic oil, the upward thrust is generated on the cylinder block under the oil cylinder Push the piston to move upward; at the same time, the hydraulic oil in the upper cylinder block of the oil cylinder enters the hydraulic station through the oil return pipe; when the grinding roller is pressurized, the valve on the oil supply pipeline should be opened to relieve the pressure, or the switch valve should be used to change, so that the hydraulic oil from the oil pump can enter the upper cylinder body of the oil cylinder to generate downward thrust, which can push the piston downward At the same time, the hydraulic oil in the lower cylinder block of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the pressurization station.
Principle of vertical roller mill
The above is the working principle of opening and closing the grinding roller. The pressure can support the opening of the grinding roller, and the pressure relief can make it close. This is also the reason why it is convenient to replace and maintain the wear-resistant parts of the vertical roller mill.
The hydraulic device in the vertical roller mill is set up for the convenience of maintenance and replacement of the internal parts of the mill. It can only control the opening and closing of the grinding roller in large aspects, but can not control the small aspect of adjusting the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding plate. The hydraulic devices work together with the pressure device, and the pressure device is filled with hydraulic oil, which can open the grinding roller by pressurization, and close the grinding roller by pressure relief. They are two mutually cooperative and indispensable systems, and they are designed to facilitate users. The hydraulic device is two important devices in the vertical roller mill, but the most important thing is to add hydraulic oil into it, and users should add it in time.
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