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Vertical roller mill inspection parts and corresponding cycle

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The vertical roller mill is a highly efficient, stable and environmentally friendly mill. However, during the operation of the mill, mechanical failure or poor operation may be caused due to various reasons. The daily inspection of the mill should be formulated to prevent Problems occurred during the operation of the mill.
What parts are included in the normal inspection of the vertical roller mill, how should the inspection cycle be determined?
(1) Daily inspection: the overall inspection of the mill
a. Observe whether there is abnormal noise and vibration, inspect whether the anchor bolts are loose, and whether the oil level of the mill and reducer is within the normal range;
b. Inspect whether the mill and oil pump work normally, whether the oil pressure and oil temperature are within the specified range, and whether the cooling water is unblocked;
c. It is also necessary to inspect the lubrication points of the operating parts of the mill separator, lock air feeder and other equipment daily, and refuel according to the established lubrication system;
d. Inspect whether the anchor bolts and connecting bolts of all major equipment are loose;
(2) Weekly inspection:
a. Inspect the seal of the hydraulic tie rod of the mill and the oil level of the hydraulic station and the thin oil station;
b. Inspect all seals, adjust and replace the rubber plate of the air lock feeder if necessary, and observe the wear of the roller sleeve and liner when the machine stops, and turn it over when necessary;
c. Inspect the wear of the moving and static blades of the separator;
(3) Key inspection after long-term shutdown: Some inspection items are the same as weekly inspection, and the following items are checked:
a.Inspect  the wear and lubrication of the two grinding rollers of the mill;
b.Inspect the tightness of the wearing parts on the grinding disc;
c.Inspect  the wear of the grinding roller sleeve, grinding disc liner, air ring, separator moving and static blades and other parts of the mill;
d.Inspect  whether the hydraulic cylinder is leaking, and replace the seal if necessary;
e.Inspect  the degree of wear of the air outlet pipe of the mill;
f.Inspect  the degree of wear of the lock air feeder, replace the sealing rubber plate if necessary, and repair the worn parts;
g.Inspect  the seals of all manhole doors, inspection doors and flanges, and try to replace them if necessary.
Vertical roller mill inspection should be diligent, regular, and checking in place will avoid problems. The maintenance of vertical roller mill is very important to the stability of the vertical milling mechanism.
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