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Types and selection of Raymond roller mill lubricants

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In order for the Raymond roller mill to maintain a good grinding effect, it is important to choose equipment in the early stage, and to use it correctly in the later stage. Another point is to do its maintenance work. This refers to its lubrication and maintenance. 
There are many types of lubricants for Raymond roller mills, with different shapes and different functions and effects. Specifically, it mainly includes the following:
1. Liquid lubricants: it has a wide range of uses, including mineral lubricants, animal and vegetable lubricants, synthetic lubricants, etc.
2. Solid lubricants: such as graphite, platinum disulfide, nylon, etc.
3.Gas lubricant: any gas can be used as a gas lubricant, the most commonly used is air, followed by oxygen, carbon, etc.; mainly used for the lubrication of gas bearings.
4. Semi-solid lubricants: It has a wide range of uses, mainly including soap-based grease, hydroxyl grease, inorganic grease and organic grease.
The specific lubricant used by Raymond roller mill must be tested and analyzed according to the actual situation, and the replacement must be regular. Try not to always replace different types of lubricant products, and do not forget to add it after a long interval,otherwise it is easy to cause the problem of equipment wear.
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