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Automatic feeding adjustment method of Raymond roller mill

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The Raymond roller mill equipped with electromagnetic vibrating feeder can replace manual feeding to the machine automatically. Its characteristics is continuous and uniform feeding, will not cause too much feeding and crash phenomenon.Instead of manual feeding, it has the features of low power,smooth operation and simple maintenance.


The adjustment of automatic feeding of Raymond roller mill: automatic feeding is realized by the main motor and the current of the fan. When the fan is running normally, the current of the host will automatically stop feeding when the current exceeds the rated current, and it will automatically feed after the current drops; This is mainly through the action of the current relay to disconnect and connect the control voltage of the thyristor to achieve feeding and stopping. When the fan fails, it will automatically stop feeding. There are 2 coils in the DDL-12/6 over-current relay. When connected in series, the operating current can be adjusted from 1.5-3A.


When automatic feeding starts, turn the master switch of the control cabinet to the automatic position, and gradually increase the potentiometer R1 knob on the control cabinet to make the current reach the rated and stable current. At the same time by engine rated current adjust current relay slider and change the relay action current, rises, make the normally closed contacts disconnect, current slightly decrease will be closed immediately, when the Raymond mill always maintain the best working state, does not cause air or overload phenomenon, ensure the Raymond mill make the benefit of the powder.


Reasonably use high-tech modern auxiliary equipment, reduce labor expenses, and stably increase the economic benefits of Raymond roller mill.


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