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How can 5r Raymond roller mill improve productivity and efficiency

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The actual output of the large 5r Raymond roller mill is determined according to the hardness and dry humidity of the material being ground by the user. So, how can we increase the productivity and efficiency of the 5r Raymond roller mill? As long as the following steps are taken, an increase of about 20% can be achieved. With the increase in production capacity, the benefits will naturally increase.


First of all, it is necessary to measure the degree of dryness and wetness of the material to be grinded. The moisture content required by Raymond roller mill is less than 6% (it can be kneaded by hand, but it can't seep). The material is too wet, which is directly related to the production. Materials with excessive humidity can be dried naturally or dried with a dryer. The drier the material is, the higher the output is.


 After the daily production is over, the inside of the mill cabin and the air duct must be cleaned. Special tools can be used, which is very convenient. The maintenance of the machine is also very important. It is important to check the connection parts of each pipeline to see if there is damage and air leakage. It will affect the circulation of air volume and reduce the output; the main engine belt and fan belt are checked regularly, and if they are loose, they must be tightened immediately, or not only reduce production, but also cause certain damage and failure to the machine.


The adjustment of the analyzer is also related to the output. Those who have used the Raymond Mill know that the higher the fineness, the lower the output. The fineness of the Raymond mill is controlled by the analyzer system. Adjust the rotation speed of the analyzer reasonably to ensure the fineness of the powder as well as the output.


The above experience must be adhered to. Once problems are found, they should be handled in time, and the staff operation manual should be formulated. In their spare time, the operators can learn some basic knowledge of Raymond roller mill. The more they understand the machine, the better the machine will turn. As long as the production capacity is increased, the cost will be saved and the efficiency will be improved.


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