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Solving the flywheel fault of jaw crusher

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The flywheel device of jaw crusher is installed at one end of the eccentric shaft of jaw crusher, which plays a good role in static balance. At the same time, it can transform energy storage into flywheel operation and drive eccentric shaft to operate. But what kind of consequences will be brought once the flywheel fails? How are we going to solve it? This article will give you a detailed introduction.
When the wheel fails, the flywheel rotates, but the eccentric shaft can not run or the running speed is slow, so the crusher can not carry out crushing work.
(1) One of the reasons for this situation is that the connecting key between the pulley and flywheel is loose or broken. Without the connection function, the pulley and flywheel can not run synchronously, resulting in the flywheel and eccentric shaft not running synchronously, and the flywheel driving the eccentric shaft fails.
Solution: check the flywheel connecting key, if it is loose or damaged, repair it in time to ensure that the wheel and eccentric shaft can run synchronously, and the equipment can run normally for crushing operation.
(2) Another reason for this situation: the jaw crusher eccentric shaft pull rod device damage causes the elbow plate, the elbow plate loses the support function, after the pull rod spring fails, the elbow plate slides out from the pull rod support block, the jaw crusher elbow plate breaks due to the heavy working load, the jaw crusher host machine stops.
Solution: check the operation of the elbow plate related parts and adjust it in time. When the elbow plate breaks, replace the new parts and then install it.
Jaw crusher is a common crushed stone machine. As a pioneer in the gravel production line, it is often used to deal with materials with large size and high hardness, and the working environment is relatively bad. Therefore, it is inevitable to have such and such failures in the operation process. A correct understanding of the jaw crusher is conducive to better use of the jaw crusher. In case of sudden failure, the jaw crusher can be simplified. Single inspection and maintenance is more conducive to high yield and continuous production.
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