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Installation points of jaw crusher

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The development, use and maintenance of jaw crusher is a long process, and it is also a place that we need to pay attention to. Especially, the installation of jaw crusher also has certain requirements. So how to do a good job in the installation of jaw crusher is summarized as follows, hoping to help you:
1. As we all know, the jaw crusher vibrates greatly when it is working, so the machine should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce the vibration, noise and the impact on the foundation of nearby buildings and structures, hardwood plate, rubber belt or other damping materials are padded between the crusher and the concrete foundation.
2. A layer of metal plate shall be laid on the ore discharge tank of the foundation, and the inclination angle shall be sufficient (it shall be determined by the fluidity of materials, and shall not be less than 50 ° so as to prevent the smooth discharge of crushed products.
3. The size of discharge port should be adjusted according to the required product granularity. When adjusting, loosen the T-line bolt and tension spring.
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