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Research and analysis of adjustment device for large jaw crusher

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Since the advent of jaw crusher, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries for its simple structure, reliable work, easy manufacturing, easy use and maintenance. Of course, in order to adapt to the development of the times and economy, the structure and performance of jaw crusher are also improving. For example, many large crushers often use gasket adjustment device, which has many disadvantages. This paper will introduce a new adjustment device.
The adjustment device of jaw crusher is used to adjust the size of discharge port of crusher. With the accumulation of the running time and the continuous wear of the toothed plate, the size of the discharge port will become larger and the particle size of the product will also become coarser. In order to meet the requirements of product granularity, the size of discharge port must be adjusted regularly by using the adjusting device; at the same time, when the product with different particle size is required for production, the size of discharge port also needs to be adjusted. The existing large jaw crusher often adopts gasket type adjustment device, which is completed by manual work, and must be shut down when adjusting. When the size of discharge port needs to be adjusted frequently, the gasket type adjusting device can not meet the needs of production. The new adjusting device is suitable for the occasion of frequently adjusting the discharge port size, and it is flexible, convenient and labor-saving, and can be quickly adjusted in place.
This new adjusting device is the friction adjusting mechanism of hydraulic chute surface. The adjustment mechanism consists of two hydraulic cylinders, one end of which is hinged with the jaw crusher frame. The adjustment mechanism of hydraulic chute surface is driven by hydraulic oil pump, and two hydraulic cylinders push the chute surface synchronously. Through the longitudinal movement of the chute surface to adjust the horizontal movement of the bracket seat, and then adjust the size of the discharge port. The practical application also proves that the adjusting device is convenient and labor-saving, and the adjustment is relatively fast.
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