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How to deal with the production failure of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher feed less than 1200mm, production capacity of 5-1000 (T / h), performance characteristics: large crushing ratio, low use and maintenance costs, low power consumption, reliable performance and other characteristics, suitable for coarse crushing of materials, iron ore, steel slag, phosphate rock, silicon ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, ceramics and other solid materials with the same hardness, such as the coarse crushing of large blocks in various concentrators, and stone Coarse crushing of bulk material in material plant and limestone coarse crushing in cement plant.
Abnormal swing of jaw broken flywheel in the continuous long-term operation process, crushed materials rolled into the inner side of the wheel, causing the wheel shell of flywheel and groove wheel to crack. When the flywheel swing abnormally, the staff must immediately stop the operation of the equipment, overhaul the jaw crusher, increase the protection cover of flywheel and grooved wheel, timely replace the eccentric shaft, flywheel and grooved wheel, as well as other worn parts Timely replacement.
The broken jaw flywheel rotates but the eccentric shaft does not rotate: when the connecting part of the pulley and flywheel is loose or damaged, the connecting part of the flywheel should be checked. If it is found to be loose or damaged, it should be repaired in time to ensure the synchronous operation of the flywheel and eccentric shaft and ensure the normal operation of the equipment for crushing.
Jawbone can't work normally, but the flywheel parts are still rotating. It is because the broken jaw eccentric shaft pull rod device is damaged, which causes the elbow plate to lose its supporting function. After the pull rod spring fails, the elbow plate slides out of the pull rod support block. Due to the heavy working load of the jaw broken elbow plate, the elbow plate is broken, and the discharging granularity cannot be adjusted, resulting in the main engine shutdown of jawbone, but the flywheel is still rotating. The elbow should be checked The operation condition of all parts related to the plate shall be adjusted in time. When the elbow plate breaks down, the new parts shall be replaced and installed correctly.
If the flywheel is located in the bad working environment, it is easy to have cracks on the jaw surface due to the bad weather conditions There is a gap, the transition fillet is small, it is easy to appear stress concentration after pouring, the load is large, and then cracks appear.
For the spoke flywheel, the welding repair scheme is adopted at the initial stage. If the crack is long and serious, groove shall be made first, and then welding repair shall be carried out. For spoke type flywheel, repair welding is required. The advantage of this treatment method is that the production can be maintained temporarily, but the disadvantage is that the welding performance is poor, and it is easy to crack due to the influence of welding level.
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