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Washer adjusting device of jaw crusher

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The washer adjusting device of jaw crusher is flexible, labor-saving and convenient, but its structure is a little more complicated, so it is more suitable for large and medium-sized crushers. The hydraulic shimming adjusting device of Henan Hongxing is installed on the side wall of the jaw crusher. In addition to adjusting the discharge port, this method can also make the elbow seat press on the back wall without additional compression bolts, which has strong practicability. There are mainly two kinds of washer adjustment device of jaw crusher, which are bolt pushing adjusting device and hydraulic cylinder pushing adjusting device.
Push the adjusting device with bolts
The jaw crusher with bolt pushing adjustment device uses bolt to push the elbow plate seat. When the gasket is taken out, the discharge port will increase; otherwise, the discharge port will decrease when adding gasket. Before pushing the bracket seat, the tension spring should be properly relaxed and the compression bolt should be loosened. This method is suitable for medium and small crushers.
Push the adjustment device by hydraulic cylinder
The jaw crusher with hydraulic cylinder pushing adjustment device pushes the back elbow seat with the help of the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder, and then increases or decreases the number of gaskets to increase or decrease the discharge port. Then stop the oil supply and press the elbow plate and the rear wall with bolts.
The above are the two types of jaw crusher gasket adjustment device. The jaw crusher with these two adjustment methods is faster and more convenient to operate, and is mostly suitable for medium and large jaw crushers in medium and large gravel production lines. However, if a small jaw crusher is designed, its discharge port range is not often adjusted, and the gasket adjustment is more affordable and appropriate.
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