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Improvement plan for the wear of jaw crusher toggle plate

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In normal work, because the jaw crusher's toggle plate and the toggle pad cannot be lubricated well, that is, no oil film can be formed between the two, or dust can fall into it,this makes the jaw crusher’s toggle plate and toggle pad a state of dry friction and abrasive wear.As a result, toggle plates and toggle pads wear quickly and have a low service life.Therefore, extending the service life of the jaw crusher's toggle plate is a very important task. According to the specific operating conditions of the jaw crusher, Zhengzhou Shuguang has formulated an improvement plan for the jaw crusher's toggle plate wear.
1. Change sliding to rolling type: Generally, the toggle plate is not more than 10o, so this type of toggle and toggle pad are of sliding type, so as to change sliding to rolling, improve transmission efficiency, reduce wear and extend its service life.
2. Change the lubricating fluid between the elbow and the elbow pad: In addition to the influence of the movement characteristics, the wear of the elbow and the elbow pad of the jaw crusher is also affected by the lubrication conditions and dust.To improve the wear condition between the surface of the parts, the effective way is to lubricate the jaw crusher reasonably.In this way, the efficiency of the jaw crusher can be improved, and the service life of the parts can be prolonged to ensure the normal operation of the machine.If the lubrication effect is not ideal. It can be lubricated by water, which can take away the heat generated by friction and wash away the dust, thereby prolonging the service life of the elbow and the elbow pad.
3.Adopt a reasonable elbow and elbow pad structure: Shuguang heavy machinery is based on the feature of using rolling instead of sliding, and makes the elbow pad easy to replace and prolong its life. The elbow pad is made into a cylindrical shape, and its two ends are square for fixing. The worn side can be replaced and used again, which can be used 4 times in turn to prolong the service life.
4. Improve the shape of the mating surface of the elbow pad and the elbow seat: In the old-fashioned jaw crusher, the mating surface of the elbow pad and the elbow seat adopts a sliding type. With this shape, the elbow pad is squeezed by long-term impact and will be replaced due to deformation and expansion. Sometimes the elbow pad is difficult to remove in the elbow seat groove. The shape of the mating surface of the elbow pad and the groove of the elbow seat should be changed to a trapezoid.
The above is the improvement made by Zhengzhou Shuguang on the wear phenomenon of the jaw crusher's toggle plate, which effectively prolongs the service life of the jaw crusher and the crushing efficiency, which makes the jaw crusher a qualitative leap.
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