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Introduction of four advantages and working principle of ball mill

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After the material is crushed by the crusher, it must be pulverized in a ball mill and ground to an appropriate particle size for subsequent sorting and other processes. There are many grinding equipments, the common ones are ball mills, rod mills, vertical mills, self-grinding machines, etc. The ball mills are used in a wider range and are widely used in mineral processing, cement, silicate products, building materials and chemicals, fertilizers, refractory materials, non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics and other production industries. Why are ball mills more and more widely used in these grinding equipment? This starts with the working principle and four advantages of the ball mill.
Working principle of ball mill
The ball mill is a circular cylinder structure. Both ends of the cylinder body are equipped with end caps with hollow journals. The journals of the end caps are supported on bearings. The ball mill is rotated through the movement of the gears mounted on the cylinder body. There are grinding media such as steel balls, steel rods or gravel, and ore that needs to be crushed. The loading amount is 25%-45% of the total effective volume of the cylinder. Under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, the grinding medium and ore in the cylinder can achieve the crushing effect, and the finished product after grinding is discharged from the hollow journal at one end of the cylinder. The movement of the ore in the barrel of the ball mill is realized by the continuous pressure of the ore. During the wet grinding, the ore is taken away by the water flow. During dry grinding, the ore is taken away by the air current drawn out of the cylinder.
Four advantages of ball mill
The ball mill integrates the fuselage and chassis to change the structure of the speed changer, which can be hung on the foundation plane at the same time, which saves more labor and time costs. And the main shaft does not need to be replaced within 10 years, which can greatly save maintenance costs. The advantages in the production of ball mill equipment are low energy consumption, strong adaptability, high energy saving, good running performance, and high efficiency. The following specific analysis:
1. Zero pollution, low noise
The whole machine of the ball mill operates with a unique "zero-emission positive pressure operating system" and has good airtightness, which can ensure zero pollution leakage during the production process. The fan implements sound insulation measures to make the ball mill noise ≤ 70 decibels and low equipment noise.
2. Adjustable granularity, low failure rate and good operation
The structure design of the ball mill adopts an automatic discharge and regrind system, the granularity of the in and out of the material can be adjusted, and the internal parts that do not need to be lubricated reduce the occurrence of equipment failures, so that the ball mill as a whole achieves more ideal operating conditions and can be continuously operated for a long time.
3. Strong versatility
It is suitable for all kinds of ore crushing production today, including the grinding of various high and low hardness metal ores, non-metallic ores, various sintering materials and other materials, and the grinding and activation can be completed at one time. It is widely used in demanding industries.
4. Advantages in structure
Xinhai ball mill improved the rolling bearing, thickened the diameter of the hollow shaft, and increased the distance between the rolling bearing and the inlet and outlet spiral barrel, thereby reducing the temperature and prolonging the service life;the improvement of gear accessories adopts shifted gears to avoid the occurrence of undercutting and strengthen the bending strength of gears. For the feeder, there are two options of combined feeder and drum feeder. The structure is simple, separate installation, the correct selection of the feeder can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, reduce the impact of inertia on the equipment, and improve the efficiency; the improvement of the main bearing, the use of roller bearings instead of sliding bearings makes the equipment easy to start, energy saving and consumption reduction.
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