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Features of ball mill partition board

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The characteristics of the partition board of the ball mill of the mineral processing equipment:
1. The single-layer compartment board of the ball mill generally consists of several fan-shaped grate boards. The big end is bolted to the barrel of the mill, and the small end is connected with other grate plates by a central circular plate. The material that has been ground to be smaller than the grate hole, driven by the newly fed material, passes through the grate seam and enters the next bin.
2. The grate seam of the partition board can keep the larger particles of materials in the coarse grinding silo, so that it will continue to be impacted and crushed.
3. The double-layer partition board of the ball mill equipment is generally composed of a front grate board and a rear blind board, with a lifting device in the middle. The material enters the middle of the two plates through the grate plate, and the material is lifted to the center cone by the lifting and lifting device, and then enters the next warehouse. The system is forced to discharge, the flow rate is faster, and it is not affected by the filling rate of the front and back of the compartment plate, which is convenient for the filling rate and the ball distribution, and is suitable for one bin.
4. The width, length, area of ​​the grate seam of the compartment board, the lower position of the slit and the arrangement of the grate have a great influence on the filling degree of the material in the mill, the flow rate of the material and the airflow in the mill, and the ball-to-battery ratio. The partition board of the ball mill should try to eliminate the adverse effects on ventilation.
5. Keep the average size of each silo grinding body gradually reduced from coarse grinding silo to fine grinding to adapt to the reasonable principle of using large balls for coarse particles and small balls for fine particles in the material grinding process.
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