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Is the ball mill better or the Raymond mill better

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Whether it is a ball mill or a Raymond mill, there is a foothold in the market, so what is the difference between the two? How do we choose?
The difference between Raymond mill and ball mill includes the following aspects:
1. Different sizes: Raymond mill is a vertical structure, and ball mill is a horizontal structure. The area of ​​the ball mill is larger than that of the Raymond mill.
2. Applicable materials are different: Raymond mill adopts roller grinding ring for rolling and grinding, which is suitable for processing non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness below level 7, such as gypsum, limestone, calcite, talc, kaolin, coal, etc. The ball mill is often used for grinding metal ore, cement clinker and high hardness materials. Raymond mills generally include European mills, overpressure trapezoidal mills, and smart European mills. Ball mills are generally divided into ceramic ball mills and steel ball mills according to different grinding materials.
3. The output is different: the ball mill has a larger output than the general Raymond mill, but the corresponding power consumption is also higher.During the production process, the ball mill noise is very loud and the dust content is also exceeding the standard.Not suitable for environmentally friendly processing. The traditional Raymond mills are insufficient in terms of production capacity, but the new Raymond mill series, such as European mills and smart European mills, have made great breakthroughs in production capacity and can meet the production demand of 1,000 tons per day.
4. Different investment costs: In terms of price alone, ball mills are cheap. But in terms of overall cost, the ball mill is higher than the Raymond mill.
5. Different environmental performance: The powder industry has particularly strict requirements for environmental protection, which is the main reason why many powder manufacturers have successively rectified. Raymond Mill adopts a negative pressure system for dust control, which can control the discharge of dust, making the production process clean and environmentally friendly. The ball mill is larger. The whole control is difficult, and the dust pollution is larger than that of Raymond mill.
6. The quality of the finished product is different: both are milled. But the ball mill uses the ball to collide with the mill cylinder, the contact surface is small, and the finished powder is not as stable and uniform as the Raymond mill.
Ball mills and Raymond mills really have their own merits. We can't say which is good and which is not good. The choice is mainly based on our production needs.
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