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Safety Operation Regulations of Mud Sand and Stone Separator

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Nowadays, many mixing plants are using mud and gravel separators, which are matched with transport vehicles of different models and sizes, and many transport vehicle drivers neglect the safe operation rules of the mud and gravel separator in order to earn more freight. Conducive to the use of equipment, then how to operate safely and correctly?
1. Regular cleaning: The waste discharge outlet of the concrete gravel separator is regularly cleaned and discharged. The sewage outlet should be cleaned every other month during use to prevent the mud from blocking the sewage outlet.
2. Discharging in time: the material blocking leads to incomplete discharge in the mud and sand separator tank. Without special care, the agglomeration and solidification in the tank are difficult to clean, making the mud and sand separator unable to work normally.
Regarding the use of the slurry and gravel separator, the management personnel of the concrete mixing plant should pay great attention to it. Even the advanced equipment must be managed and used correctly. The driver of the mixer should also strengthen management and learning.Only in this way can the interests of the enterprise be maximized.
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