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Advantages and uses of sand and gravel separator

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The sand and gravel separator is fast, and the processing capacity is 10 times that of the traditional desander. The whole tanker concrete (10-12 cubic meters) processing only takes 8-10 minutes. The new linear vibrating screening technology can separate 40 tons of wet concrete per hour. The gravel separator has a unique baffle design. In the sewage hopper of the wet concrete separator, there are five baffles staggered up and down. When sewage flows to the water outlet, the lower baffle will block the sediment. The staggered baffle design will continuously change the direction of water flow and slow down the flow rate, which is more conducive to sedimentation. The sand content of sewage is far below the national standard, accounting for 57% of the national standard.
Sand and gravel separator is mainly composed of separation system, water supply and drainage system, electric control system and lubrication system. The sorting system adopts a perforated rolling screen with current separation effect, and is equipped with an automatic stone sweeping mechanism and an advanced photoelectric automatic control system. This machine is mainly used for the cleaning of the mixer truck of the concrete mixing station, separating and recycling the remaining waste concrete, sand and water. The storage hopper of the gravel separator has a capacity of up to 8m, so that the loader can reasonably arrange the feeding time of the main equipment (such as the mixing station) and the sand screen, avoiding frequent shifting of the loader between different feeding points and raw materials. The width of the hopper In order to load more than 3.2m, reduce labor intensity.
The use of this device completely solves the pollution problem of waste concrete and saves resources. It not only can automatically separate and clean the sand, stone and grout water in the waste concrete in the mixer truck at one time, but also ensure the reuse of sand, stone and water. The sewage passes through the three-stage sedimentation tank and is pumped into the machine for recycling. Zero discharge of sewage is completely realized, which saves resources and protects the environment. In a practical sense, it embodies reasonable mechanical design, easy maintenance and use, low energy consumption, and high return on investment. It is an ideal environmental protection and energy saving product for mixing plant. The sand-gravel separation screen adopts a replaceable plate connection method, which is easy to replace or replace the screen with different mesh sizes after wear.
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