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Gravel separator needs to be cleaned in time

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For the use of the sand and gravel separator, it needs to be cleaned after the day is used. The main reason is also because the equipment is mainly separated from concrete. Because concrete is easy to solidify rapidly during the process of water loss, if the equipment is not cleaned in place, it will affect the internal residual concrete solidification during the continuous drying process, and then affect The separation effect and separation efficiency of the work room.
The working process of the sand and gravel separator requires constant addition of water to dilute the concrete. Such an operation is also conducive to the faster separation of sand and gravel. When unloading the material in the separator, it is also necessary to continuously add water, but this is not possible. It is better to add too much water in a step-by-step manner to avoid excessive discharge and overload of the equipment.
In addition to the cleaning of the silo, the discharge outlet, drainage ditch and sedimentation tank also need to be cleaned regularly. This purpose is also to prevent the concrete from solidifying and forming difficult-to-remove materials, affecting the normal use of the equipment.
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