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What are the characteristics and structure of the sand and gravel screening separator

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Sand and gravel separator, also known as multifunctional drum separator, mud-rock separator, multi-stage linkage drum screen, drum screen, butterfly screen, etc.Due to the large mud content, some gravel excavated from the gravel yard will have problems such as blockage of the crusher, low productivity, and unqualified sand quality. The labor cost is too high and the efficiency is low. The drum sorting machine produced by our company can not only solve the shortage of sand and gravel resources, but also can separate quickly without water, which is much more convenient than a single machine such as a feeder and a vibrating screen.
Features of sand separator
1. Large processing capacity and low maintenance cost;
2. It can perfectly replace the drum screen, the processing capacity is 3 times that of the traditional drum screen with the same volume, and the screening efficiency is 1.5 times that of the drum screen.
3. Special wear-resistant sprocket, chain linkage, original tension chain design, high running stability;
4. The industry adopts variable frequency drive control mode, which has low energy consumption, high safety and adjustable processing capacity.
5. Modular design, suitable number of modules can be selected according to customer requirements to facilitate maintenance and structural adjustment;
6. The production capacity and the sorting effect greatly exceed the traditional screening equipment such as drum screen, rod screen and vibrating screen;
7. The rear disc encryption design and drum end turntable design improve disc screening performance and stability;
8. Equipped with heavy-duty frequency converter, soft start, with current safety protection function;
9. Adjustable leg bases can be added as needed to meet the requirements of various installation angles;
10. The spiral disc design greatly improves the rolling degree and screening rate of the material. The parallel disc group structure can also be adopted according to customer requirements;
Structure composition of gravel separator
The screening machine is mainly composed of box body, box inner lining, disc, transmission shaft, speed regulating motor, motor base, sprocket, bracket and so on.
1. Screen box: It is welded by national Q235 steel plates of different thicknesses, with certain strength and rigidity, and is the main part of the screening machine.
2. Lining board: It adopts wear-resistant manganese board and is connected with reinforced bolts, which is easy to replace.
3. Disc: made of thick and high manganese material, strong and wear-resistant.
4. Speed-regulating motor: see the vibration motor operation manual for operation and maintenance methods.
5. Motor base: Before installing the motor, the connection screws must be tightened, especially, the new mesh screen must be tightened repeatedly three days before the trial operation, so as to avoid loosening and causing accidents.
6. Transmission: It adopts wear-resistant double sprocket chain transmission, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and durable.
7. Bracket: It is composed of national standard square steel and channel steel to support the screen box. When installing, the bracket must be perpendicular to the ground, and the channel steel under the two brackets should be parallel to each other.
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