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The part of the sand and gravel separator for lubrication operation

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The long-term operation of the sand and gravel separator will cause the wear of various components, especially for the more important parts of the rotating parts, which may affect the working efficiency of the machine.Let me introduce the lubrication of several key parts of this kind of sand and gravel separator.
After the material is transported between the sieve plate and the cyclone, due to the squeezing and rotating force of the cyclone on the sieve plate, it can achieve fine pulverization.Therefore, the sieve plate and cyclone of the sand and gravel separator are often subject to certain wear, resulting in uneven fineness of the finished product. Therefore, we need to lubricate the sieve plate and the cyclone.
The main function of the shovel blade of the sand and gravel separator is to continuously shovel materials between the cyclone and the sieve plate. The shovel blade will also be subjected to varying degrees and long-term friction and wear when continuously shoveling materials.Therefore, timely lubrication of the blade is also required.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the sand and gravel separator, we need to regularly check the wear and tear of the parts that are easy to wear and lubricate the corresponding accessories in time.
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