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What factors can cause the concrete sand and gravel separator to work abnormally

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Nowadays, the application of concrete sand and gravel separator has undoubtedly greatly improved our work efficiency, and sometimes when we use it to work, we often find that it is not quite right, then we have to stop the machine as soon as possible. It's not that there is a problem in any aspect, so what factors will cause the concrete sand and gravel separator to work abnormally? Let's take a look together.
1. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the normal operation of the concrete sand and gravel separator equipment. The staff should check the values ​​of various thermometers regularly, and stop immediately if they find problems. In low temperature conditions, preheating work should be carried out before equipment operation to prevent the equipment from overloading under low temperature conditions. Under high temperature conditions, the cooling system of the concrete sand and gravel separator must be able to work normally, and manual forced cooling measures must be done well, and try to keep the equipment running in a cool place.
2. Sundries factors. Sundries are mainly divided into two categories. One is the impurities that enter from the outside, mainly the non-breakable impurities contained in soil, dust and materials; the other is metal fragments, abrasion products and other impurities generated by the concrete sand separator itself.When impurities are found, the operator should do on-site protection work, check the equipment regularly, and replace damaged parts in time.
3. Material factors. The hardness, size and composition of the material will cause the concrete sand separator to wear. However, this effect is difficult to avoid. Users can only take some effective measures to reduce the impact of wear.
 Here is also to introduce the reasons that affect the production speed of the equipment. If the supply of concrete is slow, the production capacity of the concrete sand and gravel separator will be lower, and vice versa; however, if the supply of concrete is too much,it will make the sand and gravel separator unable to handle it, that is, cause the machine to block, and then reduce the rotation speed.Then, the equipment stops operating, which will cause the motor of the concrete sand and gravel separator to be burned, which means the machine is scrapped.
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