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The main reason for the vibration of the Raymond mill

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When Raymond mill equipment is in use, it is necessary to have professional personnel to operate and take care of it, and have a certain understanding of the equipment. Raymond mills can produce better results. The equipment accessories are all high-quality accessories, and daily maintenance is necessary. The most important parts of Raymond Mill include grinding ring, grinding roller and other accessories. Grinding ring is a vulnerable part, and the maintenance of these two parts is indispensable.
One of the reasons for the main vibration of the Raymond Mill is sudden, normal operation, and large vibration occurs after sudden feeding.For this sudden vibration phenomenon, it is necessary to check whether the hardness of the material is too high. In the use of the Raymond mill, if an abnormal situation occurs, it needs to be stopped for inspection.However, during the long-term use of the Raymond mill, due to the long-term vibration of the anchor bolts, loosening may occur, and irregular vibration occurs.There is also a long time for the main engine to wear and cause the main engine and the transmission device to have different axes, or the long-term wear of the grinding roller and ring, which may cause wear.
Industrial machinery has slight vibration during use, especially for crushers and pulverizers, impact grinding is used to achieve the pulverization and grinding of materials, so vibration is unavoidable during the use of mechanical parts. This kind of vibration is also a regular vibration, and the mechanical parts are also doing regular movements. After the vertical mill has been used for a period of time, it should be overhauled. At the same time, the wearing parts of the grinding roller and grinding ring should be replaced. The rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.
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