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How to solve the residual wind in the Raymond mill

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Raymond mills are widely used in milling enterprises, and their high efficiency, energy saving, stability and reliability have been recognized by users. The wind power system in the Raymond mill powder selection system is very important, which has a greater impact on the output and quality. If the residual wind phenomenon is not good for normal production, the most experienced Raymond mill manufacturer will explain the problem.
Why is there a residual wind in the production process of Raymond Mill? Here are four answers:
1. During the feeding process, the materials are relatively loose, which is related to the materials themselves. The air between the materials will bring residual wind as they enter the Raymond mill.
2. During the production period of the Raymond mill, a certain amount of heat will be generated during the operation of the province, and its internal temperature will be nearly 30 degrees higher than that of the outside. The material will be dried to a certain extent, and the internal moisture will evaporate to produce water vapor. , Which led to the generation of residual wind
3. The temperature of the system fluid increases, and the volume of the entire fluid expands due to the increase in temperature
4. One section of the internal loop of the Raymond Mill is under negative pressure. When the feeding port, maintenance door, discharge port, cyclone separator, and nozzle are not tightly sealed, residual air will also be generated
It can be seen from the above four points that during the production process of Raymond Mill, the system air volume will inevitably increase. At this time, it can be seen that the total capacity is certain, and the residual wind will cause the internal pressure to rise, which is certain. At the same time, it leads to the quality and output of Raymond Mill products. At this time, the excess air volume must be removed through the residual air duct. At this time, a bag filter should be used to remove dust and discharge.
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