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Correct shutdown sequence of Raymond roller mill

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When the Raymond roller mill is in normal use or needs to be shut down due to a failure, you need to follow the correct shutdown sequence, otherwise it may affect the performance of the equipment, and a long-term wrong shutdown may also cause a failure. The shutdown operation should be performed in the following sequence.
1. The first thing to shut down is the vibrating feeder. Needless to say, this is to cut off the conveying of materials.
2. It needs to stop for about two minutes to process the remaining powder in the main unit of the Raymond roller mill.
3. At this time, stop the blower after blowing off the remaining powder.
4. The analyzer is turned off.
In summary, the steps for stopping the Raymond roller mill are generally: electromagnetic vibration feeder → host → blower → analysis machine.
Raymond roller mill operates in such a shutdown sequence to ensure the normal operation of the equipment for a long time, reduce the failure rate and improve the efficiency of the equipment.
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