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Frequently replaced parts of Raymond roller mill

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Raymond roller mill is a kind of ultra-fine grinding equipment for ore grinding powder. The whole machine is a vertical suspension roller crushing air separation to achieve the crushing effect. It is fed once and becomes powder once, and the fineness is easy to adjust. Raymond roller mills often process ore, so what parts need to be replaced? Today I will give a brief introduction to my friends.
The main body of the Raymond roller mill is a working chamber for ore processing. The grinding parts are mainly grinding rollers, grinding rings and blades. These need to be replaced frequently according to the characteristics of the materials. Some materials are harder to be replaced frequently. The general rule is to replace the grinding roller twice, and the grinding ring needs to be replaced once. According to the number of grinding rollers, there are three, four, and five, and there is one grinding ring.
Secondly, sometimes the grinding roller assembly will wear out the bearing and the grinding roller shaft if the oil is not frequently added. For these two replacements, the grinding roller assembly needs to be taken out and replaced for replacement. In addition, if you are grinding the roller shaft broken, if you continue to operate production if you don’t know, it may damage the quincunx. At this time, you need to replace the quincunx. This thing is not replaced very frequently. Sometimes, workers improperly operate the return air and often bring materials, and the fan blades of the fan are often worn out by the wind opportunity, and the fan wheel needs to be replaced after a long time. Many parts of the Raymond roller mill sometimes do not need to be replaced. The reason for damage is due to inadequate refueling or irregular operation, which causes the wear of equipment parts. Usually, the equipment can be overhauled and maintained frequently.
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