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The importance of spindle speed to the use of Raymond mill

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The speed of the Raymond mill is related to the output and performance of the equipment, so in general, the speed is very important for the use of the equipment.
There is a certain difference between the design speed and the actual speed. The speed of the small Raymond mill is about 280-220 rpm, the medium-sized speed is about 140-180 rpm, and the large-scale speed is about 60-120 rpm.
The speed of Raymond mill is directly related to output and performance. There are three main indicators of grinding ability: Raymond mill center shaft speed, Raymond mill roller quality, and Raymond mill roller centrifugal radius. The speed of the center shaft is directly related to the benefit of the Raymond mill. The same Raymond mill may have different output due to the speed of the center shaft of the Raymond mill.
In the process of using the Raymond mill, some customers install inverters by themselves to easily control the spindle speed. Grinding light materials (or fine materials) can reduce the speed of the Raymond mill because of the grinding capacity of the equipment. It is enough to use, reducing the speed is to save power consumption and machine noise. If it is heavy materials (or massive hard materials), it is necessary to increase the center shaft speed of the Raymond mill, thereby increasing the centrifugal force, increasing the grinding capacity, and increasing the output rate of the Raymond mill.
Different types of Raymond mills have different requirements for speed. Therefore, when choosing equipment, users should also determine how many speed equipment is suitable according to the material to be ground, so as to better choose products.
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