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How does the mud sand and stone separator work

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To understand how the mud sand and stone separator works, we first need to know what is the main structure of the mud sand and stone separator. The mud sand and stone separator is composed of six parts, namely the feed tank, the mixing separator, the water supply system, the screening system, the slurry homogenization and the waste slurry reuse system. The working process of the mud sand and stone separator mainly includes the following operations:
1. The mud water of the mud sand and stone separator will continuously flow into the mud pool from the mud outlet at the bottom. Of course, a slurry guide is required. In the mud sand and stone separator, the washed sand and stones will enter the material pool from their respective outlets under the impetus of the spiral blades.
2. When the mud sand and stone separator starts, the excess concrete and water will enter the chute, and the circulating water will be injected successively. Under the impact of water, the mixed slurry will enter the mud sand and stone separator to remove some residual concrete.
3. The mud water in the mud pool will be mixed with clean water, concrete, separated sand and mud water in a certain proportion for recycling.
It can be seen from the above that the mud sand and stone separator has strong processing capacity and strong screening and separation functions. It can not only perform multiple separations at the same time, but also save space. The important thing is that it is in line with the concept of sustainable development. The separated sandstone can be recycled again, saving raw materials and protecting the environment. I hope that the editor’s sharing will be helpful to everyone.
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