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How to extend the service life of mud sand and stone separator

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Many small partners will consider the "life" issue when buying a mud sand and stone separator. After spending money to buy a machine, they definitely don't want to use it for a few years and then scrap it. However, any mechanical equipment has its useful life, so only regular maintenance of your machine will make it more "longevity".
Maintenance method of mud sand and stone separator:
1. When the mud sand and stone separator is finished, the chute must be cleaned, and the material in the chute should be cleaned up so that there is no agglomeration inside the chute.
2. During use, the waste discharge outlet needs to be cleaned regularly. In order to prevent clogging caused by mud agglomeration, it is recommended to clean it once a month. Of course, the cleaning frequency can be adjusted in combination with the frequency of use and seasonal factors. For example, winter cleaning may be thawed, whether to consider increasing the water temperature; in summer, it is hot, and you can directly rinse with water to meet the requirements.
3. The vulnerable parts of the equipment should be checked regularly, and replaced in time when they are worn, so as to avoid small parts affecting the whole.
4. The wearing parts of the purchased mud sand and stone separator should match the original specifications, and try to use original accessories. At the same time, the bearings of the mud sand and stone separator should be refueled regularly, and the gearbox oil should be replaced regularly. Moreover, for operators, they should also participate in more technical training. Try not to make concrete stick to the outer skin of the mud sand and stone separator when the mixer truck is dumping, so as to reduce paint corrosion.
5. The equipment must be operated in advance when unloading, and it is strictly forbidden to unload when the equipment is out of service.
Everyone must remember that the mud sand and stone separator should be cleaned and maintained in time after use. The above is the method of maintenance and maintenance of mud sand and stone separator equipment.
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