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Precautions for the operation of sand and gravel separator

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Sand and gravel separator, also known as concrete gravel separator or concrete gravel separation slurry water recycling equipment, is the core equipment of the concrete recycling system. Simply put, this is actually a kind of It is used to clean, separate and recycle the waste water from tank trucks and the sand and gravel in the residual concrete. So what are the precautions for specific operations?
First, the personnel who use the gravel separator must be professionally trained and have the ability to operate the gravel separator.
Second, when using the sand and gravel separator, it should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside of the machine clean to avoid solidification and blockage.
Third, regularly lubricate the bearing mechanical parts of the gravel separator to prevent passivation.
Fourth, when using the gravel separator, be careful not to let other non-workers approach to avoid safety accidents. Turn off the power switch when you stop using it to improve the safety of use.
Fifth, if an abnormal situation is found in the sand and gravel separator during use, it should be stopped immediately, and the switch should be turned off for inspection, the fault should be solved, and the problem should be confirmed before opening.
Sixth, in order to avoid the solenoid valve failure when using the sand and gravel separator, pay attention to whether the water quality is clean during use. If it is muddy, it should be treated in time.
Finally, in order to better use the sand and gravel separator, the regular maintenance of the sand and gravel separator cannot be ignored.
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