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Six purchase principles of mud sand and gravel separator

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With the rapid development of the real estate and construction industry, various building materials and construction machinery have been in greater demand. Among them, mud sand and gravel separators are a common type of construction concrete separation machinery. Six principles to follow when buying a separator:
1. High sand and gravel separation rate. The higher the operating efficiency of the machine, the faster the speed of separating sand and gravel. However, the configuration of the sand and gravel separation machinery produced by different manufacturers will vary in production speed and quality. Therefore, you should pay more attention when purchasing.
2. Applicability. The mud sand and gravel separator should be able to meet the requirements of the mixing station, including being able to process a variety of materials well, and be able to meet the required processing capacity and processing quality and other basic requirements.
3. Save investment. Ensure that under the premise of completing the same workload, investment costs can be saved, saving costs and resources for the enterprise.
4. The operating cost is relatively low. Equipment depreciation, energy consumption, manual operation costs, maintenance costs, accessories costs, etc. will affect the later operating costs, so these factors need to be considered.
5. Simple structure. The simple internal structure is not only useful, but also more convenient for later maintenance and repairs and longer service life.
6. ​​Low energy consumption. Different types of mud sand and gravel separator equipment have different energy consumption indicators, so enterprises should pay more attention when choosing.
To purchase a mud sand and gravel separator, you need to follow the above six principles to avoid buying unsuitable machines.
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